Great Controversy Project- The Waldenses

Chapter Title: The Waldenses

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Favorite Quotation: “The persecutions visited for many centuries upon this God-fearing people [the Waldenses] were endured by them with a patience and constancy that honored their Redeemer. Notwithstanding the crusades against them, and the inhuman butchery to which they were subjected, they continued to send out their missionaries to scatter the precious truth. They were hunted to death; yet their blood watered the seed sown, and it failed not of yielding fruit. Thus the Waldenses witnessed for God centuries before the birth of Luther. Scattered over many lands, they planted the seeds of the Reformation that began in the time of Wycliffe, grew broad and deep in the days of Luther, and is to be carried forward to the close of time by those who also are willing to suffer all things for “the word of God, and for the testimony of Jesus Christ.” Revelation 1:9.” P. 78.

Lessons I’ve Learned:

  1. Among the Waldenses of the early Dark Ages, the Bible was the final authority in all of life, including worship, lifestyle, mission and the training of youth. It was studied, copied, and applied to the life even if it meant persecution and death.
  2. Young people were taught to recognize God in nature, to endure hardship, to think for themselves, to submit to their parents’ authority and to copy and memorize large portions of the Bible.
  3. In addition to the regular training every Waldensian youth received, each future pastor learned a trade to support himself. He spent three years in evangelistic mission service with an older, more experienced worker to teach him a spirit of self-denial and sacrifice before being assigned a church at home. This “missionary internship” also gave him experience in his future responsibilities of preaching the gospel, visiting the sick, training the children, counseling the wayward and settling differences among believers to promote unity within the church.
  4. The Waldenses did not simply hide out in the valleys where they lived. As they studied the Bible, accepted the gospel and the Bible truths, and saw the prophecies being fulfilled they devised every means possible to tell the entire world about the hope in their hearts. Children and youth were trained from their mother’s knee to share Jesus and the Bible for the rest of their lives.
  5. Although persecuted off and on for centuries, the Waldenses would rather lose possessions, property, comfort and even life itself than to participate in false religion or abandon their Bible faith.
  6. For additional lessons click here.

Comments: As the Roman Empire morphed into the Roman Church Empire, a religious and political union, the Roman armies took the Roman brand of Christianity wherever they went. This led to a separation from the Roman Church system by many groups throughout the former Roman Empire who gave priority to the Bible over church tradition and papal decrees. The Waldenses (”people of the valleys”) were one of these groups. For centuries during the Dark Ages the Waldenses kept truth alive by copying the Bible and taking its precious truth throughout Europe, sometimes at the cost of their lives. They trained their young people from their earliest years to be missionaries, later sending them under the guidance of more experienced workers into the cities as college students or merchants. Always looking for interested people they would share promises from God’s Word and sometimes portions of the Bible they had copied or memorized, before going on their way. Only in heaven will we learn the full impact of their faithful ministry.

Discussion Questions:

  1. What role did the Bible play in the lives of the Waldenses? What role does the Bible play in your life?
  2. What were some of the methods used for training Waldensian youth? Do you have children/youth in your home, church or school who could benefit from some of the training methods of the Waldenses?
  3. How were future Waldensian pastors mentored? What are you doing to mentor a young person in Bible study, service, ministry and witnessing?
  4. What were some of the Bible promises the Waldenses shared with others to bring them hope and freedom from the papal lies? What are some of your favorite Bible promises?
  5. What motivated the Waldenses to have missionary zeal? Do you have missionary zeal? Can you remember how wonderful it was the first time you understood the plan of redemption and the blessings of Bible truths and prophecy? How can you step out of your comfort zone this week to share Jesus and Bible truth with someone else?
  6. How did one of the popes motivate people to destroy the Waldenses? Do you love Jesus enough to die for Him? Do you value the truths of the Bible enough to follow them no matter what the cost? Do you realize that there is a life and death struggle for your soul going on every day and you can choose to place yourself on the side of Jesus?

Family Worship Activity: The Waldenses copied the Bible in the days before printing. Since it was God’s Word it was very important to copy each word very carefully and accurately. As a family choose a section from the Bible to carefully copy. Assign a number of verses to each person, taking into account their age. Each person copies his section perhaps with sacred music playing in the background. Exchange papers and check for accuracy, making corrections as needed. When finished staple the pages together so the entire Bible passage can be read page by page. Add an attractive homemade cover if desired. Materials needed: a sheet of paper, pen and Bible for each person, stapler, sacred background music if desired.

Hi there! I’m Dan Serns. I grew up in a Seventh-day Adventist pastor’s home but strayed from God in my younger days. But after a re-conversion during my junior year of college I went to Korea as a Student Missionary. That experience put in my heart a passion for Jesus, soul winning, missions, and leadership development that is still burning today. God has given me a wonderful family. I serve as the Evangelism Director at Texas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

The Great Controversy Project- Read It! Share It!

The Great Controversy is a book that gives a Bible-based outline of church history and Bible prophecy stretching from the Fall of Jerusalem in 70 AD to the final events of earth and beyond.

Since it was written in the 1800s it has been published in many languages and titles.

Read or listen to it online at

Share it with friends. You can purchase copies at

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Pray for and Reach out to Religious Leaders in Your Area

Sihk Temple Leader who received a book from Pastor Adam

In 2012 the Richardson Seventh-day Adventist Church initiated “The Great Controversy Project (Read It! Share It!).”  As part of the project Pastors Dan Serns and Adam Keating distributed God’s Holy Word: Is It Still Worth Dying For? (a portion of The Great Controversy) to religious leaders in the Richardson/Dallas area in February. We made some great friends and we continue to pray for the religious leaders of these organizations that the Lord will impress them at the right time to read the book and share its message with those in their circle of influence if they haven’t done so already. Why not try something like this in your area?

  1. World Mission Society Church of God
  2. Christian Science Church
  3. St. Luke’s Lutheran
  4. St. Barnabas Presbyterian Church
  5. Tzu Chi Buddhist Center & Day Care Center
  6. Grace Church of Richardson
  7. Arabic Christian Church
  8. Creekside Baptist & Vietnamese Churches
  9. Calvary Petecostal Church
  10. Neema Gospel Church
  11. Richardson First Baptist Church
  12. Watermark Community Church
  13. The Heights Baptist Church
  14. Richardson United Methodist Church
  15. Islamic Association of North Texas, Seminary & School
  16. Christian World
  17. Bo Hyun Temple Zen Center
  18. Sikh Temple
  19. Bennerri Korean Presbyterian Church
  20. Trinity Fellowship Church
  21. Greenville Avenue Church of Christ & Day Care Center
  22. Waterview Baptist Church
  23. Baruch HaShem Messianic Synagogue

“There are now true Christians in every church, not excepting the Roman Catholic communion.” The Great Controversy p. 449

“Our ministers should seek to come near to the ministers of other denominations. Pray for and with these men, for whom Christ is interceding. A solemn responsibility is theirs. As Christ’s messengers we should manifest a deep, earnest interest in these shepherds of the flock.” Testimonies vol. 6, p. 78

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Reclaiming Former & Inactive Church Members

“Demas has forsaken me, having loved this present world…” 2 Timothy 4:10.

How tragic! Paul’s close friend and fellow worker (Colossians 4:14; Philemon 1:24) abandoned Paul at the time Paul needed him most. Not only that. Demas abandoned the message and mission of Jesus.

Sometimes we’ll lose people to the church family permanently, no matter how hard we try to keep or reclaim them. Jesus lost Judas (Matthew 10:4, etc). The apostle John said some never really were part of the church family (1 John 2:19). Some must receive healthy Biblical church discipline with the hope they will repent and return.

But the best Biblical models for reclaiming are probably found in Luke 15.

  1. The Lost Sheep (v1-7). The sheep wandered away. It was lost. It was scared. It didn’t know what to do. It would have died if the Shepherd had not gone looking for it. Some people wander away from Jesus and/or the church family. They don’t know what to do to find their way back. The church family must go looking for them, help them, love them, and carry them back home. It is never enough to say “They know where we are. They can come back whenever they want.”
  2. The Lost Coin (v8-10). The coin was lost in the house. It didn’t know it was lost. The only way it could be found was for the lamp (Bible – Psalm 119:105) to be lit and the broom (Holy Spirit – John 16:7-11) to do some sweeping. There are people who attend church services regularly – maybe they are members or even leaders – who are lost and won’t know it until the Bible is clearly taught and the Holy Spirit is allowed to transform lives. This is why people are not to be removed from Seventh-day Adventist church membership records based on non-attendance, because sometimes those who don’t attend are more connected to the Lord than those who do (e.g. the Church in the Wilderness which was persecuted by the Organized Church in the Dark Ages – Revelation 12:6, 13-17).
  3. The Lost Son(s) (v11-32). The younger son hated being in the house so he left, went to a far country, wasted his life and resources. He was lost. He knew the way home. But he didn’t think he would be welcomed if he came home. He was right, and wrong. His father ran to welcome him. His older brother, the other son, did not welcome him. There are people who have misunderstood or hated the rules of God and have left the church and messed up their lives. They know where the church building is and when the services are. But they aren’t sure if they will be welcomed if they come back. Those who have experienced the love of the Father God will welcome them. Those who haven’t, won’t welcome them back.

As a pastor and church leader here are the things I have tried in reclaiming people who are lost sheep, lost coins or lost sons (both types).

  1. Strengthen the Church Family by putting in place healthy systems for…
    1. Preaching. Since we like a variety of speakers, often developing teams of new and young preachers, we make sure each speaker has healthy attitudes when they stand up to preach, that the messages are Christ-centered, Bible-based, practical and have a call to action, and are simple but powerful.
    2. Mentoring Relationships. The church leaders need to be developed as mentors for group leaders, starting in huddles at Church Board Meetings. As new groups are added, the group leaders are mentored and they mentor those in their groups.
    3. Entry/Re-entry into the Church Family. If we bring people into the church family in a healthy way, clearly identifying what it means to be a Seventh-day Adventist in the last days, mentoring them after membership, they are far more likely to stay and to become involved in the mission Jesus gave us.
  2. Distribute Spiritual Growth Packets. Here’s what worked for us and why.
    1. Why give packets?
      1. Help member families strengthen their relationship with the Lord.
      2. Connect with all member families whether attending or not. It is an opportunity to contact inactive members in a friendly, encouraging way, listening to their stories and pointing them to Jesus while inviting them to reconnect with other believers.
      3. Help connect with guests.
      4. The packets are especially helpful when the resources are coordinated with the preaching theme(s).
    2. Who give packets to?
      1. Every family on the church membership list.
      2. Guests.
    3. How often and how to give out packets?
      1. At least once a year but preferably quarterly.
      2. For 2 weeks – Packets in lobby for people to pick up their own and to take to distribute (usually organized alphabetically).
      3. The Following 2 weeks – Organize packets by geography and ask Sabbath School class members to distribute. Mail to out-of-towners.
      4. Have extra packets for guests. Ask them to fill out info card and exchange it for a spiritual growth packet.
      5. Have extra missionary books in stacks of 5 for people to use to start a group.
    4. What to include in the packet?
      1. Missionary book on same theme as sermons that quarter.
      2. Letter from pastor/elder including positive updates.
      3. Bible Reading Bookmarks (see
      4. Response Card (to help out-of-towners and inactives connect).
      5. Item from church school.
      6. Stewardship Commitment Card and Tithe & Offering envelope.
  3. Add groups, especially ministry, mission and Sabbath School groups. Each group becomes a landing place for new and reclaimed members.

Gayle had grown up in an Adventist home and when she graduated from Adventist academy she also graduated from the church. For 26 years she chased her dreams and watched her relationships crumble as her addictions destroyed her life. She moved to another state and enrolled her children in the Adventist church school. It was five years before she had the courage set foot inside the church building next door. On the Sabbath she stopped by, she found a warm welcome and friendly people. Within six months she was baptized along with her husband who was happy to see the change in her. She discovered that a Sabbath School group was just starting a ministry to the homeless in a park, many of whom had struggles with addictions. She knew she could help because she had been through some of the same struggles they were going through. As the ministry became consistent, inactive members started showing up at the park to help. Some said “This is what the church is supposed to be doing. Count us in.” Some of the homeless were baptized, including Wally, the worst alcoholic in the area, and became powerful witnesses throughout the city.

Today Gayle is serving on the staff of one of our conferences, after having served with her husband as a volunteer Bible worker, volunteer evangelist, Bible Worker trainer, Church Planter and prayer coordinator.

There are thousands of other Gayles, wanting to come home, hoping for a warm welcome. There are thousands of Wallys, lost and waiting for someone to lead them home. And there are thousands of people “in church,” waiting to really hear the Adventist message clearly and to become involved in the mission.

What is your first step in reclaiming them?

Blessings to you,

Dan Serns


Inspired Insights on Reclaiming

When the mind dwells upon self, it is turned away from Christ, the source of strength and life. Hence it is Satan’s constant effort to keep the attention diverted from the Saviour and thus prevent the union and communion of the soul with Christ. The pleasures of the world, life’s cares and perplexities and sorrows, the faults of others, or your own faults and imperfections—to any or all of these he will seek to divert the mind. Do not be misled by his devices.   {Steps to Christ p. 71}

“Without unceasing prayer, without diligent watching, we are in danger of growing careless, and of deviating from the right path. Our backsliding may be so gradual that we may fancy ourselves in a good spiritual condition when we are surely on the enemy’s ground. The adversary seeks continually to obstruct the way to the mercy-seat, that we may not by earnest supplication and faith obtain supplies of grace and power to resist temptation.”     {Signs of the Times December 23, 1889, par. 5}

“It would be vastly better for their children, for themselves, and for the cause of God, if they would remain in the smaller churches, where their help is needed, instead of going to the larger churches, where, because they are not needed, there is a constant temptation to fall into spiritual inactivity.”     {Child Guidance p. 307.1}

“Those who profess to believe the truth, but feel no burden for the souls of others, will be continually backsliding, and it will require time and strength on the part of the minister to keep them from making shipwreck of faith, when they should be laboring with all their might to present the way of life and salvation to their friends and neighbors. Hundreds of men and women who at the present time are professedly engaged in the work of God, are not doing one-tenth that they might do if they would only improve all the powers God has given them. Some are doing literally nothing for the truth, and by their example of indifference are bringing others into the same position of uselessness, and thus are scattering from Christ. This latter class includes by far the greater number. They are thinking and planning only for themselves. Fathers and mothers with their little ones around them make their little circle their world. Every power of their being is centered on “me and mine,” and they are becoming narrower and more circumscribed every year of their lives. They do not open their hearts to the grace and love of Christ, and liberalize their nature and ennoble their being by placing themselves in sympathy with their fellow-men.—The Review and Herald, June 10, 1880.” {Pastoral Ministry p. 146.3}

“When one who has wandered far in sin seeks to return to God, he will encounter criticism and distrust. There are those who will doubt whether his repentance is genuine, or will whisper, “He has no stability; I do not believe that he will hold out.” These persons are doing not the work of God but the work of Satan, who is the accuser of the brethren. Through their criticisms the wicked one hopes to discourage that soul, and to drive him still farther from hope and from God. Let the repenting sinner contemplate the rejoicing in heaven over the return of the one that was lost. Let him rest in the love of God and in no case be disheartened by the scorn and suspicion of the Pharisees.” {Christ’s Object Lessons p. 190.2}

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Hasty, Immature and Forbidden Marriages

Marriage and the Sabbath are two of the greatest gifts given to mankind by our Loving Heavenly Father (Genesis 2). So it’s no surprise that Satan will do all he can to destroy both!

How do we avoid the pain, misunderstanding and depression that come from twisted marriages? How do we avoid hasty, immature and forbidden marriages?

That was my assigned topic when I recently participated in a series of presentations on “Christian Families in Crisis” based on the Bible and The Adventist Home by Ellen White, sponsored by the Houston United African Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Here are some key thoughts from the presentation from this time of Bible study and storytelling.

  1. Jesus loves marriage!
  2. Jesus wants you to have a happy home!
  3. Jesus can bring joy out of confusion, sadness & pain.

May the Lord help you have a wonderful Christ-centered, Bible-based home and family.

Blessings to you,

Dan Serns

Keys to a Happy Marriage

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Lockdown Victories

There is a good chance you have been in lockdown this year. Use nicer terms if you like – quarantine, shelter in place, hunker down, stay home 2 save lives – but it’s all the same. Severe limits on your activities and friendships and budget.

But what if lockdown was just what we needed to deal with unresolved emotional and spiritual issues we had long overlooked or ignored? What if lockdown, with its forced restrictions, was a God-given opportunity for victory in our life? Consider some well known Bible examples who experienced their own types of lockdowns and the victories that came as a result.


  1. Rejection (In the “pit” – Genesis 37:24)

Joseph was rejected by his own brothers. First they wanted to kill him but because of Ruben’s and later Judah’s intervention he was sold as a slave instead. How did he deal with rejection? As he was taken down to Egypt he wept and wept. But then his thoughts turned to his father’s God. He remembered the stories his father Jacob had told of his dream of the ladder reaching to heaven. He wondered if his own dreams might become true. He determined to prove himself faithful to God.[1] He didn’t realize at the time that being rejected was a blessing and not a curse. If he hadn’t been rejected by his wicked brothers[2] he may have been overwhelmed by their evil influence and he would not have been able to bless millions of people in Egypt and many other nations.[3]

All of us have experienced rejection at some time in our lives. Maybe it started when you were picked last for the team on the playground, or rejected by the cute girl you asked to the banquet. Perhaps it goes deeper, like when your parents divorced and dad said he would keep in touch then disappeared from your life. Or when you thought marriage was forever but the love of your life was unfaithful to you.

As with Joseph the Lord may allow a time of lockdown for you so you can deal with rejection you have experienced in your life. He may allow a quarantine to remove you from an illicit relationship, a bad environment or peer pressure that was about to make you cave in. Thank Him for lockdown and the victories He can give you.

  1. Temptation (In the “house” – Genesis 39:2)

When Joseph arrived in Egypt he was sold to Potiphar, the captain of Pharaoh’s elite guard. Potiphar was gone a lot and his lonely wife noticed the good looking young slave, probably in his late teens or early twenties. She became more and more bold in her advances and Joseph had a big decision to make. He was in a foreign land. Nobody knew his religious background. Nobody would ever know what he did in the house. He was a slave and was expected to obey. If he resisted he knew he would be in big trouble so why not go along with the opportunity?

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7 Areas Every Adventist Educator Should Evaluate

Seventh-day Adventists operate one of the largest Protestant school systems in the world. Why is so much time, money and creativity invested in this?

Here’s a quick quiz.

What is the most important purpose of Adventist schools?

a. To employ Adventist teachers.

b. To save our children.

c. To save the world.

How you answer will dictate what kind of school you operate, what teachers you seek to employ, what curriculum you emphasize, what type of extra-curricular activities you highlight, what kind of field trips you take and a host of other decisions.

Recently I spent an enjoyable couple of hours with Adventist School Board Chairs in Texas on zoom talking about focusing on the most important things. We went in depth on these seven action steps.

  1. Evaluate Yourself!
  2. Know Your Mission!
  3. Love Your Network!
  4. Build Your Team!
  5. Enjoy Your Meetings!
  6. Check Your Resources!
  7. Celebrate Your Successes!

If you are involved with Adventist Education I hope you find this seminar (below) challenging and rewarding. Here’s the PowerPoint outline and the manual and rules of order referred to in the discussion.

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Adventist World Radio to Support Texas Churches in Multiple 2020-2021 Evangelistic Endeavors

What a time to be alive! As uncertainty and upheaval continue to ravage our planet, God has opened so many new opportunities to reach the world with His end-time messages.

Adventist World Radio has plans to reach the 100 largest metro areas in the world over the next five years, and what better places to start than Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston?

For some time now, Adventist World Radio—in coordination with the Southwestern Union—has been prayerfully and strategically planning to pilot a brand-new program in Texas starting this year and continuing through 2021—specifically targeting the Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston metro areas.

The plan is fourfold:

• To encourage churches and church members to share the online Unlocking Bible Prophecies 2.0 series, which will take place October 3-17 on as well as on AWR’s Unlocking Bible Prophecies YouTube page. Not only will this series include additional content, but it will also be translated into 26 languages. Given that Houston is one of the most diverse cities in the United States, this will be perfect for reaching people in their mother tongues.

When the first version of this series ran in June 2020, it quickly received more than 2 million views, and many of its videos are now in the top five listed on Google and YouTube when people search for terms like “Second Coming” and “Bible Prophecy.”

As these undiluted prophetic messages are preached around the world, people are invited to connect with AWR, at which point they receive information about the Adventist church closest to them. In June, this resulted in tens of thousands of comments like:

“I wish to be baptized into the Adventist Church. Is there anything that can be done to expedite this?”

• Beginning next year, AWR will broadcast English and Spanish programming on different radio stations in order to reach the masses in Texas. These radio programs will share the distinctive Three Angels’ Messages across Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston. The goal is to prepare them for Jesus’ soon coming through baptism and discipleship and connect them with their local Seventh-day Adventist Church.

• AWR will also support the Texas-based, lay-led evangelistic efforts that will take place this winter as well as in April 2021 as people try to reach their communities for Christ.

• Then from Sept. 24 – Oct. 9, 2021, AWR will work with the Texas Conference and the Southwest Region Conference to hold 400-500 evangelistic campaigns conducted by pastors, laypeople and guest speakers. This will be one of the largest evangelistic thrusts ever embarked upon in Texas!

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Group Leaders Who Thrive and Multiply

There’s no doubt that the Bible gives us counsel on the need for groups. So why is it so hard to get them going or keep them going in a local congregation?

Recently I presented an interactive training on zoom and Facebook titled “Group Leaders Who Thrive and Multiply.” The training answers these questions…

  • What the Bible says about groups
  • Foundational Principles of groups
  • How and why to start groups for every reason under the sun!
  • Why leaders are the key to the success of groups
  • How to use the 4 connections to start groups quickly
  • How to “appoint” leaders of existing groups to give them balance and greater soul winning potential

This training is a brief introduction to the manual Group Leaders Who Thrive and Multiply.

If you’d like to hear the same material from a slightly different angle you can listen here or here.

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Evangelism Summit Opens Opportunities

On Monday, July 27, 2020 pastors from throughout the Texas and Southwest Region Conferences of the Seventh-day Adventist Church participated in an online Evangelism Summit hosted by the Texas and Southwest Regional Conferences, the Southwestern Union and Adventist World Radio. The fast-moving 60 minutes outlined opportunities for the next 18 months with special focus on this fall, including small groups, online reaping opportunities and potential baptism dates. Check with your pastor for more information.

Here are some of the highlights from the meeting.

  1. Digital Missionaries. All of our members, especially young people, can be digital missionaries using social media for God. Encourage sign ups at  
  2. Four Things to Remember. Baptism Dates. Group Leaders. Reaping Opportunities. Harvest Cycles.
    1. Baptism Dates. If a church hasn’t had a baptism in the past three months they are encouraged to see if they can have one August 29, then every month or two after that. Plan for baptisms even if you don’t know where they are coming from. Jesus said the harvest is great so we must approach ministry with that God-given expectation and go in search of those who are searching.
    2. Group Leaders. These are the new heroes in our churches. Each church needs to identify them and empower them. They will help minister to the church family and win new souls. We expect LOTS of interests from reaping meetings this fall (see below) and need to have as many group leaders as possible ready to follow up immediately and invite interests into existing online groups. Through a special cooperative arrangement we hope to provide a zoom account to every group leader that can be used for ministry through September of 2021. Pastors are the ones to sign up their group leaders.
    3. Reaping Opportunities. We encourage all our groups to be involved with at least one reaping opportunity this fall.
      1. Cami Oetman, Unlocking Bible PropheciesOctober 4-17, 2020 (in 10 languages!).
      2. Max Harvest Options
      3. Spanish
        1. August 22 to 29 Virtual Reaping Crusade. Professor Ismael Castillo. Every day 7:30pm
        2. September 18-20 Virtual Reaping Weekend. Every day 7:30pm
        3. October 16-24 Virtual Caravan for Youth’s Small Groups. NAD Roger Hernandez
        4. October 16-18 Virtual Reaping Weekend. Every day 7:30pm
        5. November 22-29 Virtual Reaping Crusade. Every day 7:30pm
    4. Harvest Cycles. Looking longer range here are some general plans.
      1. Fall 2020. Groups and reaping event as indicated above.
      2. Spring 2021. Groups and Lay preaching online or in person using new ASI materials. Reaping – April 10-24, 2021.
      3. Fall 2021. Groups and in person preaching everywhere with special assistance for 100 meetings in DFW area and 100 more in Houston area. Reaping – September 24 – October 9, 2021.

These are challenging and exciting times. And the world needs to know more than ever that Jesus loves them and He’s coming soon. The Adventist message – the Three Angels’ Message of Revelation 14:6-12 – will go to every nation, tribe, language and people group before Jesus comes. And everyone who has heard and embraced it is invited to pass it on! Soon Jesus will return!

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How to Start a Movement of Soul Winning & Church Planting

What will it take to see a movement of soul winning and church planting across a conference? Here are some simple clues from a presentation at the 2019 eHuddle in San Diego, California.

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