Why Not Try This? …Make a Yearly Personal Growth Plan

A few days ago I typed out my yearly personal growth plan for 2005. It includes things I want to study during my quiet time with God every day (e.g. “Re-read the Old Testament in a new version”). It also includes a plan so I’m sure to have regular family time (e.g. “Family Day each week- Rotate who’s in charge” and “Vacations with family”). And last but not least are some “stretching experiences” (e.g. “Take an Andrews University extension course” and “Start Adventist work in our zip code with lay leadership”) Will I accomplish all my goals for 2005? Maybe not. But at least I know where I’m headed. If I plan for time with God, with family, and time in starting work in a new place I find I am far more likely to reflect the values I want in my life, my home and my ministry.

“It is the first and highest duty of every rational being to learn from the Scriptures what is truth, and then to walk in the light and encourage others to follow his example. We should day by day study the Bible diligently, weighing every thought and comparing scripture with scripture. With divine help we are to form our opinions for ourselves as we are to answer for ourselves before God.” {The Great Controversy p. 598.2}

“Our question is to be, How can I best glorify Him whose I am by creation and redemption? With anxious solicitude the truly converted soul seeks to rescue those who are still in Satan’s power. The one aim and object of his life is the saving of souls. He refuses to do anything that would hinder him in this work. If he has children, he realizes that his work must begin in his own family. The souls of his children are exceedingly precious to Him. Remembering that they are the younger members of the Lord’s family, he strives with all his power to place them where they will stand on the Lord’s side. He has pledged himself to serve, honor, and obey Christ, and he puts forth patient, untiring efforts so to train his children that they will never be hostile to the Saviour.” {Pacific Union Recorder, October 9, 1902 par. 4}

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Happily married and father of three great kids. Seventh-day Adventist pastor who invites everyone to accept Jesus as their Savior and Lord, embrace all the teachings of the Bible and join a vibrant Adventist group.
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