Great Soul Winning Stories

Great Soul Winning Stories from Canyonville, OR (OR Conf) and Spokane Lynnwood, WA (UC Conf) Seventh-day Adventist Churches

Canyonville Seventh-day Adventist Church, OR (OR Conf) – A couple just showed up at church 18 months ago-had never been in any church of any kind ever before… It was communion Sabbath. After church was over, they came to Pastor Loren Fenton and asked “when do we get to go forward and receive the Lord?” They had been watching some TV evangelists and knew that at some point they needed to make a decision. Loren set them up with Bible Studies with one of the elders and it all culminated Sabbath, September 23 in their baptism.-Shared by Tom Lemon, Ministerial Director, OR Conf

Spokane Lynnwood Seventh-day Adventist Church, WA (UC Conf)-

1. A secular woman and a former Adventist man were living together. Through various circumstances our church members began Bible studies. The woman knew absolutely nothing about the Bible and the man was leery of getting back into the Bible because he already knew where things were headed if we did. They were both baptized recently.

2. A military couple living together began watching Doug Batchelor videos and over the course of time came to convictions regarding the truths of the Bible and their lifestyle. On their own they were married last June, and began attending church two weeks ago. This Sabbath will be their third Sabbath and they are requesting baptism.

3. A pastor’s son went astray for many years. His father prayed that God would send a person into his son’s life to lead him to Jesus. God moved on the heart of an estranged friend of the father who had also left the Lord and the church for many years. The friend came back to Jesus and led the pastor’s son back to the Lord as well.

4. During 2003 to 2006 we have baptized 45 people and 97% of those people are still attending. We believe the reason is our emphasis on personal relationships in evangelism.

-Shared by Kevin Wilfley, Senior Pastor, Spokane Lynnwood Seventh-day Adventist Church (UC Conf)

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