Why Not Try This…? Raise Funds for Your Mission Trip

I’ve had the privilege of helping mobilize more than 2,500 people in going on short-term mission trips. And I’ve found that almost anyone from a developed country who really wants to go and is willing to make personal sacrifices to go will be able to raise the money needed to go.

There are many people who would like to go on a mission trip but are unable to. Sometimes they are willing to help you go by donating to the costs of your trip. If you would like to raise money to help cover your costs follow these simple steps-

  1. Talk with your pastor and/or church board to get their approval for you to go and to let people donate to this project through the church.
  2. Register to go on the mission trip.
  3. Be willing to sacrifice. We recommend you set aside 10-20% of your after-tithe income toward the costs. This might be a time to give up something to have more money available for God’s work.
  4. Adapt the letter below and send it to fifty of your friends & relatives (at least three months before your departure if possible) & watch God bless.
  5. All donations should be turned in to the church and all expenses should be reimbursed out of the money available in the church account. Because donations are tax deductible, any money donated should be used for this mission project even if you are not able to go.


Dear [Name(s)]

Thanks for taking a few minutes to read this letter.

I have been invited to go with a mission team to [city and country] this [month and year] to [list major activity, e.g. assist with some public Bible meetings, build a church or school, etc.] in this [spiritually] needy part of the world. This will be an incredible opportunity to see first-hand the needs of this country and to bring hope to many people by sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with them.

During our time there, our team will be [give more details of mission team activities, e.g. holding public Bible meetings, health and/or family life talks, and providing programs for the children to learn about Jesus]. During the daytime we will visit people in the community, providing many kinds of outreach, praying for the sick and sharing Bible truths. I’ll be assisting in all areas but I’m especially looking forward to helping with [the area you will help with most].

To go I need to raise about $[Total of airfare + lodging + meals + miscellaneous expenses]. Of course I’ll be covering some of that cost myself but I’ve also been encouraged to invite others to help sponsor this project. Some might be able to help with $25, $50 or $100 dollars, and some might be able to help with even more. But if you can’t help at this time we believe your prayers for us are worth more than money could ever buy. Prayers are what will prepare our hearts and the hearts of the people we meet to receive Jesus.

If you can help financially, please send a check to me, made out to “[your] Seventh-day Adventist Church.” Your donation is tax-deductible.

When I return I’ll be happy to tell you about the experiences our group has had and to share some pictures I’ve taken.

Thank you and may God bless all of us as we work for Him wherever we are.


[Your signature]

P.S. If possible please send any check by [last day of month, at least one or two months before departure].

One person wanted to send out only thirty letters but was persuaded to add twenty more names to their list. Their largest donation came from one of the twenty names they added and was enough to cover a large part of their costs and with additional money that came in they helped a friend go on the trip and donated some remaining money to a special need they saw on the mission trip. Ask God to guide you as you make your list of people. And watch what He does to build your faith even before you leave home on the mission trip!


About danserns

Happily married and father of three great kids. Seventh-day Adventist pastor who invites everyone to accept Jesus as their Savior and Lord, embrace all the teachings of the Bible and join a vibrant Adventist group.
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  2. Nathaniel Opoku-Mensah says:

    pastor please can you send me your email for me to contact you….. this is Nathaniel, we met in england

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