Celtic Church History Mission Trip Report

In June 2013 I led a group throughout Ireland on a Celtic Church History Mission Team. We retraced the steps of St. Patrick that he had travelled 1,600 years earlier. Like Patrick, we rededicated our lives to Jesus through daily conversion, honoring the seventh-day Sabbath and looking forward to His  soon-return.

Slemish MountainOur daily worships, visits to many natural and historic sites and our mission outreach proved to be both inspirational and informative. During the week we passed out nearly 4,000 GLOW tracts, about one for every 1,000 people in the entire country and had numerous conversations with both Irish and tourists.

Here are links to pictures (with captions) telling the story as well as other information about our time there.



    1. Trip Info- Why go, Itinerary, Travel Info, Map, etc.
    2. St. Patrick: One of the Greatest Missionaries Who Ever Lived
    3. The writings of Patrick – Confession (Testimony) & Letter to the Soldiers of Coroticus
    4. Video- The Seventh Day, Part 5 (segment on Patrick)
    5. “The Celtic Church in Britain” by Leslie Hardinge (download a copy) (order a copy) (read a Google Books copy)Patrick quote

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2 Responses to Celtic Church History Mission Trip Report

  1. Such a lovely place!
    I would like to visit this place one day.

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