Reaping Meeting Basics

imgresJesus said “Go… Make Disciples… Baptize them… Teach them to observe all things.” Matthew 28:18-20.

In the process it is important to prepare people for baptism. To keep focused on this it helpful for a church family to schedule a “Fill the Baptistry Sabbath” by faith every month or every quarter.

It can also be helpful to have reaping meetings several times a year. These don’t have to be high budget every time, but they should be part of a regular plan to Sow –> Grow –> Reap –> Keep (then Repeat).

Here are some basics in planning Regular Reaping meetings. Put some dates on a calendar and move forward by faith!

Inspired Insights

  • mark_finleyPresent the plain “Thus saith the Lord” with authority, and exalt the wisdom of God in the written Word. Bring the people to a decision; keep the voice of the Bible ever before them. Tell them you speak that which you do know, and testify that which is truth, because God has spoken it. Let your preaching be short and right to the point, and then at the proper time call for a decision. Do not present the truth in a formal manner, but let the heart be vitalized by the Spirit of God, and let your words be spoken with such certainty that those who hear may know that the truth is a reality to you. {Evangelism 296.2}
  • The best way to deal with error is to present the truth, and leave wild ideas to die for want of notice. {Evangelism 166.1}
  1. Who Preaches (Individual or Team)
    • Pathfinders, Youth, Young Adults
    • Men and/or Women Lay Members
    • Sabbath School Leaders
    • Elder(s)
    • Local Pastor/ Evangelist
    • Guest Pastor
    • Guest Evangelist
    • Satellite Evangelism
    • Video Seminar
    • Other? 
  1. Series to Preach/Teach
  1. Preparation Checklist
    • Set dates for meetings & baptism(s)
    • Sow & Grow Activities
    • Select Reaping Leader & Team
    • Identify & Secure a Location
    • Order Materials (Literature, Bibles, Banner? Handbills?)
    • Practice opening session
    • Meetings- Preach Jesus’ truth, Love the people, Ask for decisions, Fill the baptistry by sight or by faith, Baptize
    • “Keep” Activities
  1. Basic Reaping Team of Seven
Team Leaders Areas to oversee Suggested Names
1)   Speaker/ Leader ·       Presents all messages individually or with team
2)   Assistant Leader ·       Back up presenter;

·       Oversees any other aspect of program (prayer, music, etc.); visitation

3)   Secretary-Treasurer ·       Records attendance

·       Prayer Ministry Coordinator

·       Keeps track of offerings

·       Manages finances

4)   Deacon ·       Sets up/Take Down meeting location

·       Parking lot ministry

·       Operates equipment if necessary

5)   Deaconess ·       Greeting

·       Hospitality & Food

·       Decorates meeting location

·       Buys gifts for new members

6)   & 7) Children’s Ministry ·       Two people who operate children’s ministry during meetings (ages 3-9)

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Happily married and father of three great kids. Seventh-day Adventist pastor who invites everyone to accept Jesus as their Savior and Lord, embrace all the teachings of the Bible and join a vibrant Adventist group.
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