Why Not Try This? …Give Literature to Your Neighbors

afsg1-cover[Written October 28, 2009]

Last Monday evening I rang the doorbells of twenty of my closest neighbors.

Was I nervous? Yes, even though I’ve done things like this hundreds of times before.

So why did I do it? Three main reasons.

  1. I really believe Jesus is coming soon and I want my neighbors to have the best chance possible to be ready for that universe-shattering event.
  2. During a recent Week of Prayer here at the NPUC office I updated my special prayer list. I asked God to impress me with who I should invite to accept Him as Savior and Lord, embrace all Bible truths and unite with a vibrant Adventist group. The Lord impressed me to list the names of many of my neighbors, some by name and others by description (“big boat neighbors”, “loud neighbors”, “new neighbors”, “borrowed ladder from neighbors”, etc.). As I have prayed for the people on the list, God has put a growing urgency in my heart to somehow connect with them.
  3. I have recently been reading Christian Service and came across statements like this–
    • “If there is one work more important than another, it is that of getting our publications before the public, thus leading them to search the Scriptures.” p145
    • “Let every believer scatter broadcast tracts and leaflets and books containing the message for this time.” p145
    • “publications will do a far greater work than can be accomplished by the ministry of the word alone.” p145
    • “Let not the canvassing work be left to languish… The presidents of our conferences and others in responsible positions have a duty to do in this matter.” p145
    • “Our publications are to show that the end of all things is at hand.” p146
    • “Whole churches have been raised up as a result of their circulation.” p146
    • “Carry with you, wherever you go, a package of select tracts, which you can hand out as you have opportunity. p151
    • “In our erring judgment we may think it unwise to give literature to the very ones who would accept the truth most readily.” p153

Before leaving the comforts of home (from 6:30-7:30pm) I prayed again and wrote my name and cell phone number on the back of the twenty Amazing Facts lesson #1 tracts that I had picked up at work (Our Ministerial Department stocks a literature stand for anyone in the NPUC office that would like some). Then I practiced what I’d say at the doors.

[Smile] “Hi I’m Dan Serns, your neighbor over there [pointing in the direction of our house]. I giving these out to each of our neighbors [handing them the tract]. If you have any questions my name and phone number are on the back. If you like it I’ll be back next week to give you another one.”

The responses? I left literature on the five doors where no one answered. Of the fifteen where people answered all fifteen accepted the tract! Most said “Thank you” (including “big boat neighbors” and “loud neighbors”!). One said “Are you still having those Bible studies at your house?” (We had passed out invitations 2 1/2 years ago!). And I came home pumped up spiritually, wondering why I had been so fearful at the beginning.

Several of our NPUC conferences have hired young people to serve as the Conference Literature Ministries Coordinator. This is a vital part of our ministry, both as a church and as individuals.

  • “Satan is busy…scattering literature which is debasing the morals and poisoning the minds of the young….Why should not every member of the church be as deeply interested in sending forth publications that will elevate the minds of the people, and bring the truth directly before them?” p146
  • “I was shown men and women studying with intense interest papers and few pages of tracts upon present truth… I saw them holding papers and tracts in one hand and the Bible in the other, while their cheeks were wet with tears; and bowing before God in earnest, humble prayer, to be guided into all truth… And when the truth was received in their hearts, and they saw the harmonious chain of truth, the Bible was to them a new book; the hugged it to their hearts with grateful joy, while their countenances were all aglow with happiness and holy joy… they began to work for others…” p149-150

I’m looking forward to next Monday evening about 6:30pm when I take Amazing Facts Lesson #2 around to the same twenty homes. The cover should be great just in time for Halloween! Why not try it in your neighborhood?

Blessings to you,

Dan Serns

About danserns

Happily married and father of three great kids. Seventh-day Adventist pastor who invites everyone to accept Jesus as their Savior and Lord, embrace all the teachings of the Bible and join a vibrant Adventist group.
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1 Response to Why Not Try This? …Give Literature to Your Neighbors

  1. Mark A. says:

    Thanks pastor dan.

    Pastor Mark A. Valadez
    Orange-Groves District
    Texas Conference of SDA


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