Adventist World Radio to Support Texas Churches in Multiple 2020-2021 Evangelistic Endeavors

What a time to be alive! As uncertainty and upheaval continue to ravage our planet, God has opened so many new opportunities to reach the world with His end-time messages.

Adventist World Radio has plans to reach the 100 largest metro areas in the world over the next five years, and what better places to start than Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston?

For some time now, Adventist World Radio—in coordination with the Southwestern Union—has been prayerfully and strategically planning to pilot a brand-new program in Texas starting this year and continuing through 2021—specifically targeting the Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston metro areas.

The plan is fourfold:

• To encourage churches and church members to share the online Unlocking Bible Prophecies 2.0 series, which will take place October 3-17 on as well as on AWR’s Unlocking Bible Prophecies YouTube page. Not only will this series include additional content, but it will also be translated into 26 languages. Given that Houston is one of the most diverse cities in the United States, this will be perfect for reaching people in their mother tongues.

When the first version of this series ran in June 2020, it quickly received more than 2 million views, and many of its videos are now in the top five listed on Google and YouTube when people search for terms like “Second Coming” and “Bible Prophecy.”

As these undiluted prophetic messages are preached around the world, people are invited to connect with AWR, at which point they receive information about the Adventist church closest to them. In June, this resulted in tens of thousands of comments like:

“I wish to be baptized into the Adventist Church. Is there anything that can be done to expedite this?”

• Beginning next year, AWR will broadcast English and Spanish programming on different radio stations in order to reach the masses in Texas. These radio programs will share the distinctive Three Angels’ Messages across Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston. The goal is to prepare them for Jesus’ soon coming through baptism and discipleship and connect them with their local Seventh-day Adventist Church.

• AWR will also support the Texas-based, lay-led evangelistic efforts that will take place this winter as well as in April 2021 as people try to reach their communities for Christ.

• Then from Sept. 24 – Oct. 9, 2021, AWR will work with the Texas Conference and the Southwest Region Conference to hold 400-500 evangelistic campaigns conducted by pastors, laypeople and guest speakers. This will be one of the largest evangelistic thrusts ever embarked upon in Texas!

AWR has already invested considerable resources into this project, and as these online and in-person evangelistic meetings go forward, the ministry will continue to ensure that laypeople and local churches have the support they need. AWR will run extensive print and online advertising campaigns targeting the Texas Conference and the geographic areas surrounding participating churches.

More Details on How AWR Will Connect Viewers With Local Churches

Adventist World Radio’s desire is to connect interests generated by the Unlocking Bible Prophecies 2.0 evangelistic series with local churches for nurture and follow-up. To that end, AWR is creating two special websites.

The first will allow people to easily join a Zoom Bible study group. Series Speaker Cami Oetman will direct her viewers to this site on the last night of the meetings, October 17. Once there, people will be able to select a study group in their desired language at the time most convenient for them. People will be invited to join a group in their zip code and/or country. When they join, weekly reminder emails will ensure they won’t forget their weekly study. They will also have the opportunity to join other evangelistic series starting on October 18, including those held by Mark Finley/Chris Holland and Doug Batchelor.

The second website will be the AWR Digital Missionary Portal, which will provide a simple and powerful way for church members to become friends with interests generated by the Unlocking Bible Prophecies 2.0 series. Whenever someone submits a prayer request, Bible question, or Bible study request as a result of watching Unlocking Bible Prophecies 2.0, the request will be forwarded to church members who are registered on the Digital Missionary Portal.

This portal will connect to a variety of popular social media chat platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS, Telegram, Viber and even email. This will allow church members to chat on all of these platforms through the Digital Missionary Portal—without needing a personal account on each of them. The AWR Digital Missionary Portal will enable caring laypeople to follow up with those who submit requests, pray for them, answer their Bible questions, and make friends for eternity.

Please Join Us!

We hope you will partner with AWR in this incredible effort to connect truth-seeking Texans with their local Adventist churches. Please know that AWR will support you 100% as we join together to finish the work!

—Duane McKey, President

Adventist World Radio

August 16, 2020

P.S. In the meantime, you may also wish to download the new AWR360° app!


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