Hasty, Immature and Forbidden Marriages

Marriage and the Sabbath are two of the greatest gifts given to mankind by our Loving Heavenly Father (Genesis 2). So it’s no surprise that Satan will do all he can to destroy both!

How do we avoid the pain, misunderstanding and depression that come from twisted marriages? How do we avoid hasty, immature and forbidden marriages?

That was my assigned topic when I recently participated in a series of presentations on “Christian Families in Crisis” based on the Bible and The Adventist Home by Ellen White, sponsored by the Houston United African Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Here are some key thoughts from the presentation from this time of Bible study and storytelling.

  1. Jesus loves marriage!
  2. Jesus wants you to have a happy home!
  3. Jesus can bring joy out of confusion, sadness & pain.

May the Lord help you have a wonderful Christ-centered, Bible-based home and family.

Blessings to you,

Dan Serns

Keys to a Happy Marriage

About danserns

Happily married and father of three great kids. Seventh-day Adventist pastor who invites everyone to accept Jesus as their Savior and Lord, embrace all the teachings of the Bible and join a vibrant Adventist group.
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2 Responses to Hasty, Immature and Forbidden Marriages

  1. Tim and Marianne Daugharthy says:

    Good afternoon Pastor Serns,

    I attended the Elders retreat that you were the main speaker for a couple of weeks ago here in Idaho. I am trying to find your information on your suggestion for the Spiritual Resource Packets, on your blog. Can you tell me where this is located at in the Blog?


    Marianne Daugharthy

    • danserns says:

      Hi Marianne,

      It was great to be with you and the Idaho Elders recently!

      Here are some of the key principles and ideas for the Spiritual Resource Packets…

      1. Why give packets?
      a. Help member families strengthen their relationship with the Lord
      b. Connect with all member families whether attending or not
      c. Help connect with guests
      d. The packets are especially helpful when the resources are coordinated with the preaching theme(s)

      2. Who give packets to?
      a. Every family of the church membership list
      b. Guests

      3. How often and how to give out packets?
      a. At least once a year but preferably quarterly
      b. 2 weeks – Packets in lobby for people to pick up their own and to take to distribute (usually organized alphabetically)
      c. Following 2 weeks – Organize packets by geography and ask Sabbath School class members to distribute. Mail to out-of-towners
      d. Have extra packets for guests. Ask them to fill out info card and exchange it for a spiritual growth resource packet.
      e. Have extra missionary books in stacks of 5 for people to use to start a group

      4. What to include in the packet?
      a. Missionary book on same theme as sermons that quarter
      b. Letter from pastor/elder including positive updates
      c. Bible Reading Bookmarks (see http://www.TexasEvangelism.com/epic)
      d. Response Card (to help out of towners and inactives connect)
      e. Item from church school
      f. Stewardship Commitment Card and Tithe & Offering envelope

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