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How to Start a Movement of Soul Winning & Church Planting

What will it take to see a movement of soul winning and church planting across a conference? Here are some simple clues from a presentation at the 2019 eHuddle in San Diego, California. https://www.adventistlearningcommunity.com/resources/14464

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Why Not Try This? … Mentor New Members

We had just finished a Week of Reaping. George and Mary, who we had never met before the week started, had made their decision to accept Jesus as Savior and Lord, embrace all the truths of the Bible, be baptized … Continue reading

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“Why is Richardson SDA Bursting at the Seams?”

“What are your success secrets? Why is Richardson SDA bursting at the seams?” I’m asked frequently. It’s true that we have wonderful problems- not enough parking, seating or Sabbath School space each week. We just baptized our 800th member in … Continue reading

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