11. Final Events Bookmark – November

“There shall be a time of trouble… and at that time thy people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book.”   Daniel 12:1

Bible ReadingGreat Controversy Chapter
1.      Genesis 32
2.      Leviticus 16
3.      Nehemiah 13——-
4.      Psalm 27
5.      Psalm 51
6.      Psalm 56Facing Life’s 
7.      Psalm 90Record
8.      Psalm 91
9.      Psalm 121
10.    Isaiah 49——-
11.    Isaiah 51
12.    Jeremiah 30The Final Warning
13.    Jeremiah 31
14.    Daniel 5
15.    Daniel 7
16.    Daniel 12
17.    Hosea 6——-
18.    Hosea 12
19.    Amos 8
20.    Zechariah 2Review
21.    Zechariah 3
22.    Matthew 12
23.    Luke 10
24.    1 Corinthians 4——-
25.    1 Peter 4
26.    Revelation 13
27.    Revelation 14The Time of 
28.    Revelation 16Trouble
29.    Revelation 18
30.    Revelation 22

This Bookmark. This Bookmark is a personal invitation for you to connect with your Creator, with the Bible and with others. You can use it for Personal Study, Family Worship, a Bible Study Group, Prayer Meeting and/or a Preaching Series. A Bible Study Group might meet in a home, office, school, apartment complex, retirement center, workplace, recreation center, park or any place where 2-3 people or more gather to know Jesus better (Matthew 18:20).

In your group, take time to P.R.A.I.S.E. (Pray, Read, Apply, Interact, Share, Encourage).

Read or listen to the Bible online at www.Bible.com or using the Bible app.

The Great Controversy Project. The Great Controversy is a book that gives a Bible-based outline of church history and Bible prophecy stretching from the Fall of Jerusalem in 70 AD to the final events of earth and beyond.

Since it was written in the 1800s it has been published in many languages and titles.

Read or listen to it online at www.egwwritings.org or using the EGW Writings 2 app.

Share it with friends. You can purchase copies at www.adventistbookcenter.com.