Transforming Your Church

  • Has your church baptistry not been used in over a year?
  • Do you have more funerals than baby dedications and weddings?
  • Is it hard to find people to serve in church leadership?
  • Do those who serve seem to be just going through the motions?
  • Do Church Board meetings disintegrate into disagreements?

It doesn’t have to be that way. And it shouldn’t be that way since you are part of God’s final movement on earth! But how can you see your church re-energized for its God-given mission?

Invite your Church Board to watch one of these short segments (5-10 minutes) every month or two and then put the inspired idea into practice. Regardless of church size or demographics, you will see your church rapidly refocus and begin to grow in both faith and numbers (Acts 16:5)!

1. Ten Minutes More

2. Effective Church Boards

3. Celebrating Changed Lives

4. GLOW tracts & Literature

5. New Members & Visitors Sabbath School Class

6. Monthly Baptismal Sabbaths

7. New Member Orientation (Intro to Membership Seminar)

8. Themes for Preaching & Bible Study Groups

9. House Blessings

10. Target Areas

11. Children & Youth Involvement in Church

12. Every Group a Soul Winning Team

13. Adventist Ambassadors Weekend

14. Mission Teams

15. Harvest Cycles and Building Soul Winning Momentum

These video clips were produced by Todd Gessele of Totally INSPIRED Media.

5 Responses to Transforming Your Church

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  3. Laura Weyer says:

    Thank-you Pastor Dan for your seminar presentations: “Transforming Your Church” at last week’s Equipped For Ministry Convention in Frisco, TX. They were AWESOME & INSPIRING! Thank-you for sharing personally with my husband, Pastor Rodney Weyer, during dinner Sabbath Evening! God richly blessed us with your ministry guidance!

  4. Jonathan Dugo says:

    Pastor Dan, this is Jonathan D’ugo the guy with the pinstripe suit from Ishare who asked you the difference between psychology and pastoral work.
    I just wanted to let you know, a little less than an hour after you prayed with me. A cleaner from the facilities being rented out walked by a booth and I asked him about his life using the key principles of gaining decisions you presented, and when I asked him about his religious background he said Jehovahs whitenesses- I asked him if he had heard of Seventh Day Adventist – he said no, I said would you like to know? He said yes, I said “We believe everyone in the whole world would be happier and better off if they accepted Jesus as their personal savior and lord…….” 😉
    Mr Peacock (who was with me) handed him a great controversy promptly- his name is Arnold. Thank you for the tool you gave me, it was used immediately.

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